About RushTrail

What is RushTrail?

Rushtrail aims to help in facilitating marketplace for crowd-sourced bus services. We strive to provide accurate insights on the available transportation alternatives, and present our customers the fastest, yet cheapest journey options. Private bus operators can leverage on our platform to make informed decision in creating convenient, comfortable, and direct transportation alternative to serve the needs of our fellow Singaporeans.


What makes RushTrail different from current market solutions?

RushTrail does not run any bus service. We capture the available transportation options and present this information to our users. This market place aims to create an efficient linkage to connect Singaporean’s transport demands to our Private bus operators’ supplies.


How do passengers view the available routes?

You may have access to all the available routes via our website @ http://trail.rushowl.sg, or download our RushTrail app from iTunes/GooglePlay Store.


Booking & Pricing


How much do RushTrail charge per ride?

Prices will be set by our registered bus operators, and this price may vary by routes. Please check our website/ RushTrail app for more info.


What are the operating days?

Operating days will be determined by our registered bus operators. Please check our website/ RushTrail app for more info.


How do I pay for my ride?

RushTrail has in-built payment system to facilitate online purchase of tickets. This purchase can be made via your credit card. Alternatively, you may also use EZ-link or cash payment upon boarding bus. Do note that seats will only be guaranteed via online purchase.


Does RushTrail allow passengers to have more than one route booking or multiple route bookings at different time period?

Yes, we are able to facilitate multiple route bookings in an account. In fact, we do encourage passengers to purchase package bundles to lower their fare cost.


How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

We will send you the E-Ticket via your registered email address. This E-Ticket may also be found in your account via RushTrail app.


Can I book a ride for my friend?

Yes, you may book a ride for your friend, provided if you do not have a booking during the same timing. RushTrail only facilitates 1 route booking per customer per timing. This is to allow us to have a better insight on the real demand of transportation during different timings.


Boarding The Bus


How do I know if my bus is coming?

You may track the exact location of your bus via our RushTrail app. We also provide you with the ETA, and notification when your bus is arriving.


How do I identify the bus, and how do the driver identify me?

Your E-Ticket will provide you with the Bus plate number. Signage will also be shown near the front windscreen of the bus. Upon boarding, please show your ticket to the driver for verification.


What happens if I am unable to present the E-Ticket?

This E-Ticket can be found in both your Email and our RushTrail app. We are regretted to say that passengers who are unable to present this verification will be rejected to board the bus.


What happens if I am late?

We are regretted to say that no refunds will be made if passenger fails to turn up on time. We will not have any grace waiting time period, as it is our first priority to ensure all our passengers onboard arrive on time.


Can I board the bus without prior booking?

All seats are reserved for passengers who book via our website/ app. This is to ensure that passengers with valid tickets get their seats.


How reliable are your bus services?

Our platform only facilitates services from our trusted partners. However, we would like to seek your understanding in the event if there is any accidents/ bus breakdowns.


What happens if my bus doesn’t come/ arrive on time?

Please refer to the booking policy of the respective bus operator. Also, you may refer to their Terms and Conditions with regards to failing to arrive on time.