RushOwl partners with HDT Singapore to usher new era of safe On-Demand Bus Service

Updated: Jul 14

The partnership aims to utilise on-demand shuttle technology for workplace-bound commuters to travel directly between home and office - SINGAPORE, 12 January 2021

As Singapore moves into Phase 3, commuters can now travel between home and work directly without squeezing with the usual commuting crowd - now made possible with the RushTrail mobile app.

Piloting the partnership from October 2020, RushOwl has been collaborating with HDT Singapore and multiple private bus vendors to provide on-demand shuttle services islandwide. Commuters can download RushOwl’s mobile app, RushTrail, to suggest and book a direct trip between home and work.

The RushTrail mobile app represents a digitised mode of on-demand public transportation that commuters can now opt for, where they can utilise the service to bridge both first-mile-last-mile and region-to-region travels altogether in the same mobile app. The RushTrail app is also powered by RushOwl’s proprietary on-demand bus technology to ensure that all vehicular deployments are optimised daily according to demand.

All public commuters will benefit from the existing routes that are already unlocked in its portal for both first-mile-last-mile and region-to-region services, commuting seamlessly within industrial parks like one-north, and directly towards these office areas from the comfort of their own homes.

“We see an opportunity for our technology to play a big role in making public transportation more personalised, flexible and safe for Singaporeans. Our team is working around the clock to quickly unlock routes so that more commuters can head back to office in a safer, flexible and direct manner.”

“Office-bound commuters can also consider taking our services instead of paying a premium for peak-hour taxi services or drive to work, which can be really expensive. By bridging demand and supply with existing private bus vehicles, we want to play a role in propelling a car-lite future through shared mobility.” says RushOwl CEO, Shin Ng.

RushOwl will work closely with the high influx of commuter requests, up to 400% more, garnered during the pandemic to establish more on-demand bus routes for commuters. The company seeks to unlock at least 5-8 routes every month based on user requests to further enhance its operations islandwide.


About RushOwl Singapore:

RushOwl Singapore is a smart mobility startup that partners with fleet owners, smart cities and even governments globally to create digitised transportation infrastructures. The company enables land transport vehicles to become on-demand, shared and dynamically routed with its proprietary on-demand transport technology.

RushOwl’s transport technologies span across a diverse range of use cases, including on-demand vehicle deployment from region-to-region, first-mile-last-mile (FMLM) deployment of vehicular assets, corporate employee transportation, midnight transportation and dynamic-routing and smart allocation services for delivery services. For more information, please visit

About HDT Singapore Pte Ltd:

HDT Singapore Holding Pte Ltd was established in 2013 as the Singapore agent of BYD Co. Ltd which specialises in Automobile, IT and New Energy. HDT’s core businesses are Bus Transport, Car, Truck, Equipment leasing.

Rental, Aftersales, Electric Vehicle & Energy Storage Solution Distribution. Being the 1st transport company to operate a fleet of electric vehicles in Singapore, HDT takes leadership in the field of electrified transportation within the local market.

HDT envisions a clean, emission-free environment in Singapore that majority of the public transport and private hired fleet are powered by HDT’s green vehicles. In its effort to promote a greener transportation solution, HDT also leases a range of electric vehicles.

HDT is committed to being a differentiated and socially responsible company, delivering warm and friendly services, at attractive rates, to customers, with dedicated and skilful employees, and using green vehicles that are environmentally friendly.


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