RushOwl launches Tuas On-Demand Shuttle Bus Service to promote greater accessibility

Updated: Jul 14

The new on-demand bus service allows all workers to travel reliably from public transit areas to their remote industrial workplaces.

June 4, 2021 (RUSHOWL) - From 14 June 2021, RushOwl will be launching Tuas Digital Bus Service to provide accessibility to remote industrial offices at Tuas. The bus service ensures that workers will reach their workplaces punctually without facing any delays. It will access more than 30 stopovers, and run from 7.00 am to 9.00 am on Monday to Friday at $1.10 onwards. More potential stops will be available in future based on the passengers’ needs and suggestions.

Using the RushTrail app, passengers can easily book a ride on the app with its straightforward functions. The steps to book a ride in the app for Tuas service are as simple as it follows:

  1. Select a service (ie. R40 for Tuas service)

  2. Choose the pick-up and drop-off locations from the list provided

  3. Choose the preferred timings and select the pax

  4. Confirm the payment method (ie. credit card)

Once a ride is booked, passengers can see the real-time location and arrival time of the bus. The service is proposed such that it will increase mobility options across the service zones.

Amidst the period of heightened alert to curb rising COVID-19 cases, all rides for the Tuas service will adhere to the safe distancing measures, with placements of safety equipment in the bus, such as hand sanitizers to ensure all passengers’ safety.

“We believe that our on-demand bus technology is best applied to create better accessibility for passengers islandwide. In this case, Tuas passengers can book a bus on demand to quickly, directly access their workplace without having to brave harsh weather conditions and walk long distances. Moving forward, Singaporeans can expect the RushTrail app to gradually move into different industrial parks and residential areas to create better accessibility for Singaporeans.” says RushOwl CEO, Shin Ng.

Before the launch, RushOwl conducted a ground survey to better comprehend how workers in the industrial areas are travelling amidst the pandemic. RushOwl understood that these workers are facing great inconvenience commuting to their workplaces and require reliable transportation to bridge their commute from nearby MRT stations. In this instance, RushOwl, through the RushTrail app, created this commute initiative to better help these employees travel to work seamlessly and efficiently. The ultimate goal of the service is to support workers’ accessibility to their workplaces without facing any delays.

RushOwl will continue to maintain its reliability in ensuring that employees will reach their offices on time. For more information about the new on-demand service, visit the website page The RushTrail app is also available for download on iOS and Android mobile devices.


About RushOwl:

RushOwl Singapore is a smart mobility startup that partners with fleet owners, smart cities and even governments globally to create digitized transportation infrastructures. As a local dynamic ride-sharing company, all land transport vehicles are enabled to become on-demand, shared and dynamically routed with its proprietary on-demand transport technology.

RushOwl offers affordable and timely shuttle bus services to transport workers in ‘ulu’ areas like One-North, Seletar Nims Garden, and Tuas. Passengers will be able to book a ride directly from their smartphone using the RushTrail app, and travel on-demand to any stops during operating hours. RushTrail app is powered by RushOwl’s proprietary on-demand bus technology to provide safe, timely, affordable transportation service for all.

RushOwl’s transport technologies span across a diverse range of use cases, including on-demand vehicle deployment from region-to-region, first-mile-last-mile (FMLM) deployment of vehicular assets, corporate employee transportation, midnight transportation and dynamic-routing planning services. For more information, please visit


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