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Your favorite on-demand shuttle service

will be extended till September 2021.

New operating hours:

7.30am to 10am

11.30am to 7.30pm

Monday to Friday (excl. PH)

Now serving Science Park 1 as well.


What's the one-north on-demand shuttle? 

RushOwl is collaborating with JTC to bring you an on-demand shuttle bus service in one-north! Until Sept 2021, you can now book a bus ride via the RushTrail mobile app. Simply choose your preferred pick up and drop off points within one-north, as well as your preferred time of travel - you can book up to 100 minutes in advance! Say goodbye to scheduled bus routes and long waiting times. With greater flexibility and convenience, you can get anywhere within one-north effortlessly. Download the RushTrail app and get started today!

The on-demand shuttle bus service will be extended till September 2021, and now extending its service area to include new stopping points at Science Park 1 (SSP1).

SSP1 Stops:
Opp Ascent, 
Opp Dnv Gl Tech Ctr, Opp Reuters, Opp DSO Natl Lab, Blk 85, Rutherford 

Need help on how to use the service? Download the service poster here.



Why RushTrail?

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Need For Speed


You Decide, Wherever, Whenever


A Peace Of Mind

Your time is precious and we know it. Say bye to waiting games and multiple transits. We will match you with a shuttle almost immediately, so you can reclaim lost time. 

Bringing you to 25 locations around one-north. Anytime, anywhere, you name it. All directly accessible right from your app. 

Tackle rain or shine without sacrificing convenience. With the RushTrail app, you can easily book and track your shuttle while on-the-go.


Choose your pick-up and drop-off locations from the list provided.

Pick your preferred time of shuttle. You can book the next available ride or a few days in advance.

Select the one-north On-Demand option shown on the home screen of the RushTrail app.

How does it work?


Select the number of pax and tap to confirm your booking. Payment will be made via EZ-Link card

on entry.

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Find out more

Get a closer look at the one-north on-demand shuttle by viewing these informative guides. 

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Download the RushTrail app from the App Store or Google Play to get started today!


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one-north On-Demand FAQs

What are RushOwl and RushTrail?

RushOwl is an urban mobility company that provides smart mobility solutions such as On-Demand bus and direct commute from home to work. RushTrail is a bus-sharing app by RushOwl designed to bring you anywhere at any time using the On-Demand Shuttle Service.

What is the collaboration between JTC and RushOwl about?

JTC is partnering RushOwl to bring On-Demand Shuttle Service to the one-north community on a trial. The trial will enable JTC to gain a better understanding of the changing travel patterns in the estate during peak hours, while providing greater flexibility and convenience for commuters within and around one-north.

How does RushTrail/ On-Demand Shuttle Service work?

RushTrail is powered by a dynamic AI Algorithm to process booking requests in real-time and deliver near-immediate rides with available buses.

How will commuters benefit?

Commuters will be ferried to every crevice of one-north with the on-demand service. It’s reliable, comfortable and efficient, so you can get from point A to point B in a heartbeat. You can cut back on waiting as we'll match you with a shuttle almost immediately. Request a guaranteed seat on-the-go and track the shuttle right from your app.

How long is the trial? (Updated)

The trial will take place over a 3-month period from 2 September 2020 to 27 November 2020.

Updated on 26th October 2020:

Due to positive outcomes from the on-demand shuttle bus trial, JTC is happy to announce that the on-demand shuttle bus service will be extended till 5th May 2021 to benefit more users and to gather more feedback to further improve the commuting experience.

The service will also extend to Science Park 1 (SSP1) and National University of Singapore (NUS) to encourage better integration between the involved areas in terms of physical connectivity as well as to catalyse industry-academia collaborations.

Where are the designated pick-up and drop-off points? (Updated)

The On-Demand Shuttle Service now covers a total of 35 stops around one-north, NUS and Science Park 1:

1. Buona Vista MRT Station (Exit D)
2. Nanos
3. Proteos
4. Synapse & Amnios
5. Opposite Wessex Village Square
6. Tanglin Trust School
7. Mediacorp Campus
8. Infinite Studios
9. ALICE@Mediapolis
10. one-north MRT Station (Exit B)
11. Fusionopolis One
13. Lock+Store
14. Opposite Thales
15. STT MediaHub
16. Seagate: The Shugart
17. Solaris
18. Tempco Technominium
19. Nexus @one-north
21. one-north Residences
22. NTU@one-north
23. Rochester Mall
24. Ghim Moh Market (Available from 21 September)
25. Holland Drive Market (Available from 21 September)

SSP1 Stops:
26. Opp Ascent
27. Opp Dnv Gl Tech Ctr
28. Opp Reuters
29. Opp DSO Natl Lab
30. Blk 85
31. Rutherford

NUS Stops:
32. Ctrl Lib Bus Stop
33. COM2 Bus Stop
34. I3
35. i4.0

Where can I download the RushTrail app?

You can download the RushTrail app on both App Store and Google Play.

How do I book an On-Demand bus?

You can book an On-Demand bus in four easy steps:
1. Tap on the 'one-north On-Demand' option in the home screen of the RushTrail app
2. Choose your pick-up and drop-off locations from the list provided
3. Select the preferred day and time of shuttle
4. Confirm your booking slot and number of pax

Can I book multiple seats?

Yes, you can book for up to 10 pax in one booking depending on the capacity of the bus in real-time. All passengers in a single booking should be travelling at the same time, with the same pick-up and drop-off locations.

How much does each ride cost?

The ride fare is $0.40, regardless of the distance.

How do I pay for the ride?

You can pay using your EZ-Link card when you board the bus.

Will I get a confirmation when my booking is successful?

Once you have confirmed your booking, you will receive details under the "On-Demand" section of the app, including the bus code (OD1, OD2, etc) and ETA of your bus.

What are the operating hours of the on-demand shuttle service?

Operating days are Monday to Friday, except Public Holidays. Operating hours are 0730H - 1000H, 1130H - 1930H.

Can I track the bus and be updated on the ETA?

Once you have made a booking, you may view the real-time location of the bus on the home screen of the RushTrail app. We encourage you to turn on app notifications as we will keep you notified when the bus is nearing or has arrived.

How do I identify which bus to board?

The bus code (OD1, OD2, etc) will be reflected in your trip details prior to your pick up. Look out for the bus code and RushTrail decals on the bus before boarding it.

What should I do when I board the bus?

Simply show your booking ticket, tap your EZ-Link Card for payment and scan the QR code for entry.

Can I board the bus if I did not make a booking?

No, all seats are by reservation only. Each seat is guaranteed upon booking.

Will the bus wait for me if I am running late?

No, buses follow a strict schedule so as to get passengers to their destinations on time. Hence, please arrive at the pick-up point of your confirmed booking at least five minutes in advance.

Can I cancel or modify my bookings?

Cancellation of bookings is only permitted five minutes before each timeslot. A refundable $1 fee will be applied to the subsequent booking for a no-show case.

Will there be refunds if I miss the bus?

In the case of a no-show, passengers will not be charged a fee on the first occasion. However, we will request for a refundable $1 booking fee through our in-app payment to deter further no-show cases.

What happens to one-north Rider?

From 2 September 2020 to 18 September 2020, the one-north On-Demand service will operate half the fleet (3 out of 6 buses). With the same operating hours, one-north Rider will operate the other 3 buses on fixed routes. The fixed route buses will run in a 30-minute interval. From 21 September 2020 till 5 May 2021, all buses will run as On-Demand Shuttle Buses. Existing fixed bus routes (A/B/C) will be temporarily halted. Passengers are encouraged to download the RushTrail App to request for an On-Demand Shuttle Bus as and when they like.

Will this affect the public bus services?

No, public buses will still be running.