Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is RushTrail?

RushTrail is a bus-sharing app designed to taxi you anytime, anywhere as an On-Demand Shuttle Service! Powered by our Dynamic AI Algorithm, we aim to provide our passengers with a Safe, Affordable and Flexible transport alternative.

Why should I take RushTrail?

Because RushTrail is timely, efficient, and affordable! Most passengers love how they can directly head from home-to-work at almost half the time originally spent commuting. A fraction of them love how RushTrail provides a taxi-like service at a bus-like pricing as a commute alternative. We know that is not simply all to the benefits in taking RushTrail shuttles!
It is also a ride of the future.
Take a ride with RushTrail may seem simple, but complicated behind the scenes. We have our friendly, thoughtful A.I bot that coordinates everyone's trips such that everyone can get to work on time!

What kind of pick up/ drop off points we offer?

Anytime, Anywhere.... your locations may be subjected to prior unlocking (between 2-3 working days) as we need to ensure that your assigned pick-up/drop-off points are SAFE.

Do i need to make advance booking?

Yes! You will be required to fill in your desired journey details, and subscribe to a weekly/monthly ticket service! Take note that we do require an upfront, non-committed deposit as an escrow to your ride interest to deter any ride request from "itchy fingers" as we call it :)

Where can I download the app?

The RushTraill App can be found on both Apple App Store and Google Play.

What happens if my app crashes/ hangs?

Like many electronics and apps out there, simply shut the app, and reopen it for it to reload. However, should you encounter any critical errors pertaining to payment, ride processes and personal information, please call us immediately at our helpline!

Account Registration

Can I register using a foreign number?

No, users will have to register with a Singapore number. Please contact us at for any special circumstances.

Unable to receive SMS OTP Verification code

Please check if you have entered the correct mobile number. Select resend OTP code. If the problem persists, please contact our admin staff directly at

Unable to verify Email Address

Please check if you have entered your email address in the right format. Select resend Email Verification. If the problem persists, please contact our admin staff directly at

Someone has used my number to register an account

Please check if you have entered your number correctly. If the problem persists, please contact our admin staff directly at

Where can I see the T&Cs and Privacy Policy

To view Rushowl's T&Cs and Privacy Policy, please visit our website @

Manage Booking

How do I view my booking status?

User may view their booking on the home page of the RushTrail App. This will be reflect in the front-page upon successfully booking a ride as "Upcoming Trips".

Can I cancel/ modify my ride?

No, once we assign a driver to you, they are committed to you! After the assigning phase, we do not accept any cancellation or modification. No show will result in a full deduction of payment (we use it to compensate Mr/Ms Driver's fuel cost for travelling to your location.

Will I receive notification of Driver's ETA and live location?

We will notify user when the Driver is arriving. User may also view Driver's live location on the home screen.

Can I contact my driver?

Unfortunately, our App does not support direct contact between Drivers and Passengers. This is for safety purpose, as we want our drivers to put their attention fully on the road.

How do i know which vehicle to take?

Vehicle number will be sent to you via our app upon confirmation. Do turn on our notification to stay notified! Once our driver is enroute, you will also be able to track the shuttle service via our app.

Can my friend hop on without booking?

The answer is no. Each driver will be notified on the number of passenger he/she is picking up. We advise your friend to make his/her own booking via our app.

Will the bus wait for me if I am late?

Our bus will give a grace waiting time of 1-2 minutes. To ensure that all riders get to their destinations on time, all buses will strictly follow their schedules. Passengers are advised to wait at the assigned bus stop 5 minutes in advance.

Payment Matters

How much is a ride?

Prices of each ride will be reflected to the user before he/she confirms the booking. The fare is calculated based on the distance and duration of journey.

What are the modes of payment?

Payment of each trip will be made via our app. We do not accept any cash payment for our buspooling rides.

What happens if I encounter a payment issue?

Please contact immediately, we treat payment issues very seriously and will provide assistance to you as soon as possible.