Save time, effort and cost as you manage your business transport

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    Easily save time, effort and costs as you manage your business transport.

    Automate staff transportation, manage transport claims, and increase employee satisfaction effortlessly. Fill up the form to get started.

    RushTrail for Business

    Tailored mobility programs to power your team's daily commuting needs.
    Door-to-door commute

    Cover the full cost or a portion of your employees’ rides between home and work. Share a ride between multiple employees in the same region.

    First and last mile

    Provide an employee shuttle service from public transit stations to your workplace. Enable easy access to your office.

    Late night pooling

    Get your employees home reliably after dark. Provide a shared transport from workplace to different regions.

    Fuss-free coordination, now made possible with AI.

    Tell us your desired commute program

    Let us know how you want your employee to commute to work. Manage your costs by controlling the number of rides available per day.

    Add your employees to the list

    Work with the RushOwl team to provide or update your team profile. Invite your employees to add their travel profile in our app. Let us know how much of the costs will be covered for different employee profile.

    Allow your employees to request a ride

    Whenever your employees need a ride, they can simply book either in advance, or on-demand from the RushTrail app.

    Ride-share efficiently between multiple employees

    With RushOwl’s proprietary dynamic routing algorithm, utilize minimal shuttle resources to provide your employees with a timely, shared ride to work. Keep track of your staff’s whereabouts and attendance.

    How a shared commute can help your business

    Benefits that set you apart

    Show your employees that you care by offering direct from home-to-work rides.

    Accessible workplace

    Attract and retain the best talent by bridging the locational factor.

    Go Green, affordably

    Substitute taxi rides to shared shuttle rides. Take a stand to cut carbon emissions and go car-lite.

    Powering staff commutes for leading organisations